Spiritual Life
Thoughtfully Christian
At ITC, everything we do is centered on preparing students to lead lives that reflect the power and grace of Christ. Our academic programs, co-curricular activities, community, and service all strive to be thoughtfully Christian, providing a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service.
Our students and faculty join together in a number of ways to celebrate this mission.
The chapel program provides opportunities for the entire community— students, faculty, and staff—to focus worshipfully on the core commitments that bind us together. Through God’s Word, prayer, the arts, and a variety of speakers, we affirm Christ’s preeminence in all things.
Local Church Involvement
Although our students attend chapel several times a week, and all classes are grounded in Scripture, ITC @ UPH is not a replacement for the church. We encourage the natural flow of our students into church fellowships. Our staff and faculty strive to be examples for our students by being involved in their churches, each contributing to and benefitting from a congregation of believers. We take seriously the nurturing relationship between the church and our professional, academic, and personal lives.
You may ask, why do we place such importance on the regular reading and preaching of Scripture in chapel and church? Well, our educational mission is to form students who understand, submit to, and delight in the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all things. This means we are concerned with the mind (understanding the preeminence of Christ), the will (submitting to the preeminence of Christ) and the affections (delighting in the preeminence of Christ). We firmly believe that God's Word read and preached is the primary means by which God brings about this kind of holistic formation in the lives of His children.
In a unique way, God uses the Spirit-empowered reading and preaching of Scripture to instruct our minds in the content of God's truth, to conform our wills to obey God's truth, and stir our affections so that we love God and delight in His truth. Because of this, we have made the regular reading and preaching of Scripture a foundational and indispensable component of Christian formation. This foundation is then built upon in all of our classroom instruction where a biblical worldview is "worked out" and applied to all the academic disciplines with great specificity.
ITC Chapel will be held several times each week. Even though the reading and preaching of Scripture is the primary activity of chapel, it is not the exclusive activity of chapel. In addition to the regular exposition of God's Word, we also feature lectures and talks that seek to bring a biblical worldview to bear on specific academic issues and contemporary concerns. These lectures and talks complement the exposition of God's Word by serving as a kind of "extended application" of the Word to specific issues in our day and age. We also devote a portion of every chapel to student-led singing and prayer.
Chapel and the church are vital aspects of the ITC experience, and we look forward to your joining with us as we gather together as a campus community to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.