Christian Foundation and Curriculum
The International Teachers College @ UPH is built on a biblical foundation. It is a Christ-centered community that helps students mature in their faith in Christ, biblical knowledge, and Christian-based character. The ITC curriculum is developed with assistance from universities in the United States and is taught by academically qualified professors from around the world.
A Christian Community  
Based on a strong Christian foundation, ITC @ UPH creates a vibrant atmosphere integrating life, learning, and faith. You’ll discover a warm, bond-building environment, yet one in which we encourage tough questions and strive to answer them through study, prayer, and thoughtful consideration. Not only will you share earnest discussions with professors in class, but your conversation will continue over meals, or pick up again as your paths cross on campus. ITC @ UPH is a place where life and learning intersect as you develop lasting relationships with professors passionate about students and a Christian worldview.
Student Life
Classes, residence halls, student organizations, recreation, and intramural sports all offer great opportunities to explore your interests and develop meaningful relationships. You won’t believe how close you grow to your new community of friends, based on a common faith and desire to glorify Christ with your minds, hearts, and hands.