Vision & Mission
International Teachers College (ITC) is envisioned to be a fruit-bearing ministry of Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) that teaches and equips future teachers, from a distinctively Reformed theological framework and with international-standard content and best practices, to contribute effectively to the educational enterprise in their local countries, for the glory of God and the blessing of the nations through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Program Goals
The International Teachers College seeks to produce graduates with the following outcomes:
  1. Biblical Foundation of Educational Truth: The candidate views his/her practice from a biblically Reformed perspective, within the context of the educational process.
  2. Learning/Teaching Process: The candidate understands the learning/teaching process:
    1. Understands the developmental stage and cultural context of the learner and manages a safe and effective learning environment. 
    2. Plans learning and teaching and incorporates strategies and techniques that are appropriate for the content.                     
    3. Employs data from formal and informal assessments to implement a cycle of reflection, evaluation, and revision of teaching practice to improve student learning.
  3. Content Knowledge: The candidate documents mastery of content knowledge.
  4. Personal Growth: The candidate demonstrates professionalism by modeling beliefs, values, and behaviors characteristic of a Christian educator. 
                                                 UPH Statement of Faith